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Our Method of Teaching

We use learning practices and teaching techniques recommended by the Swimming Teachers Association and Swim England to deliver a gentle method of teaching, best for very young children.

Creating sensory stimulating learning environments and allowing children to achieve at their own pace.

We take influence from Montessori Education which teaches us;

  • All children are natural learners

  • All children learn through senses

  • All children love to learn

  • Learning should be hands-on and through play

  • Observation is a powerful way to learn

  • The environment and adult should encourage a “help me do it myself” mentality in babies and young children

  • Self direction is a key outcome

  • Learning should be fun

Baby Swim UK is pioneering in its approach to teaching swimming to children under 5 years.  

We have researched worldwide to develop our unique Baby Swim UK early years swimming program, using the most natural techniques in line with children's developmental milestones to grow confidence, gain independence, teach swimming and safety skills.

Using the most natural techniques and gentle methods, essential for teaching babies and young children Baby Swim UK classes offer a stimulating aquatic environment, ideal for enriching all areas of early years development and learning to swim for babies, toddlers and young children.

Erin Farmer founder of Baby Swim UK has over 10 years experience and has qualified as one of the first and few in the UK to hold the highest qualification for teaching babies and young children - the Swimming Teachers Association Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching: Babies and Pre-School as well as achieving Full Swimming Teachers qualifications to teach all ages.

Classes focus on communication, learning to swim and safety skills.

Did you know?  Babies and young children (0-5 Years) that regularly participate in swimming lessons are incredibly 7 months ahead in their motor skill development, 10 months ahead in cognitive development (reading, writing and numeracy skills) and 15 months ahead in social and emotional development.

In our baby and toddler classes you'll enjoy lots of magical moments together – You are fully supported gaining knowledge and confidence, and will feel relaxed and happy guiding your child's swimming development journey.

In our Advanced Tots they will enjoy learning skills to building the fundamentals of swimming; floating, rotation, propulsive movement and breath control with more independence.

Baby Swim UK gets fantastic reviews from parents, and prides the swim school on it's young swimmers gaining life long safety skills, great swimming skills and a love of water!

When your child graduates at Baby Swim UK we recommend your child carry on learning, by joining a Swim England or Swimming Teachers Association national swim programme.  
Either offered by the pools we use. 

You and your child will be able to keep track of the skills you've learnt with Swim England's free app:

Discovery Duckling - Baby & Toddler

Duckling - Pre-School

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Swimming Pool


We are always on the look out for swimming pools!

Do you own a swimming pool? Or do you know somebody who does? We are always on the look out for indoor swimming pool owners that are looking for some extra income.

Are you considering hiring out your private swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool? If you have a lovely warm swimming pool,  or you know someone who does, get in touch, we are very interested in talking to private pool owners with swimming pools for hire.

The benefits to hiring your swimming pool out to Baby Swim UK are many… we offer competitive rates of hire, have full insurance and have a lot of experience of working with private swimming pool owners.

If you are interested please get in touch and we can arrange an initial conversation to understand suitability etc. Look forward to hearing from you!

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